• Joshua Tree: One More Climb

    Joshua Tree: One More Climb

    Finally, a trip outdoors.  It’s been much too long since we’ve been on real rock.  The season began, and it quickly came to an end when Joey sublexed his shoulder on a climb at Holcomb.  And then, just as he was wrapping up PT on his shoulder, he broke his ankle while bouldering at Mesa […]

  • Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Followers of this blog may recall that our last climbing trip was determined by a coin flip; heads for Holcomb. The alternative, Joshua Tree, would wait a few weeks, which leads me to tonight’s write-up. This trip was designed to be on the mellower side, since we brought the girls along and Joey is still […]

  • The Season Begins

    The Season Begins

    Fall is here.  It arrives a bit later in San Diego than other places, and the tell-tale signs aren’t quite as obvious.  No spectacular fall color or early morning frosts, but I’m able to leave the windows open, and I no longer need a fan while I sleep.  The first northwest swells are starting to […]

  • Cathedral Peak (SE Buttress)

    Cathedral Peak (SE Buttress)

    For most climbers, a trip to Yosemite is something of a pilgrimage.  It’s the birthplace of rock climbing in North America, after all. The first time I laid eyes on Cathedral Peak was during my 2009 trip along the John Muir Trail.  I remember dropping down from Cathedral Pass, about halfway through a 20 mile […]

  • “28 for 28″

    “28 for 28″

    A few months ago, Joey brought up the idea of climbing 28 routes on his 28th birthday on June 28th.  I am, of course, a fan of ill-advised physical challenges like this.  Followers of this blog may remember the Banff Burger Dash (run 400 meters, eat 5 hamburgers, run 400 meters) and the “no-train” marathon […]

  • A Tribute

    A Tribute

    The music is my time machine.  I am 17 and I feel alive.  And then my world seems to be slipping, crumbling away and all I know for sure is that it hurts and the black is consuming me. I am angry and sad and ready for a fresh start.  It’s the summer of ‘93 […]

  • Tahquitz: Left Ski Track

    Tahquitz: Left Ski Track

    Another fun day of climbing at Tahquitz, with Ryan.  We left San Diego at 5:30 am and were standing at the base of Left Ski Track (5.6) by 8:30.  It was cool in the shade, and I prayed that it would stay reasonable for at least a couple more hours. The last time I climbed […]

  • La Fonda, Mexico

    La Fonda, Mexico

    We finally made it back to La Fonda.  No recent news of beheadings or rapes, and Steve gave us the go ahead.  Finally. This is Chicama, Peru.  Why am I posting this picture here?  Well, on a good day, La Fonda reminds me of Chicama.  It’s cold and dry, the water is polluted, but there […]

  • Tahquitz: Fingertrip

    Tahquitz: Fingertrip

    One of my climbing goals is to gain more experience on long traditional routes.  These types of climbs involve the whole kit of skills; anchors and protection, rope-work, route-finding, endurance, and of course technical ability.  Tahquitz is only two hours from home and an ideal venue for such fun. Joey and I wanted to climb […]