• 22 and Counting

    22 and Counting

    The music is my time machine.  I am 17 and I feel alive.  And then my world seems to be slipping, crumbling away and all I know for sure is that it hurts and the black is consuming me. I am angry and sad and ready for a fresh start.  It’s the summer of ‘93 […]

  • Tahquitz: Left Ski Track

    Tahquitz: Left Ski Track

    Another fun day of climbing at Tahquitz, with Ryan.  We left San Diego at 5:30 am and were standing at the base of Left Ski Track (5.6) by 8:30.  It was cool in the shade, and I prayed that it would stay reasonable for at least a couple more hours. The last time I climbed […]

  • La Fonda, Mexico

    La Fonda, Mexico

    We finally made it back to La Fonda.  No recent news of beheadings or rapes, and Steve gave us the go ahead.  Finally. This is Chicama, Peru.  Why am I posting this picture here?  Well, on a good day, La Fonda reminds me of Chicama.  It’s cold and dry, the water is polluted, but there […]

  • Tahquitz: Fingertrip

    Tahquitz: Fingertrip

    One of my climbing goals is to gain more experience on long traditional routes.  These types of climbs involve the whole kit of skills; anchors and protection, rope-work, route-finding, endurance, and of course technical ability.  Tahquitz is only two hours from home and an ideal venue for such fun. Joey and I wanted to climb […]

  • Holcomb Valley

    Holcomb Valley

    Spring is finally here.  Flowers are blooming, Jasmine’s allergies are raging, and it’s Holcomb Valley climbing season.  Unfortunately, Zane appears to suffer from the same histamine response as his mom.  I spent the morning playing in the weeds with the little guy, and the rest of the day wiping snot from his nose. The last […]

  • La Jolla Spearfishing

    La Jolla Spearfishing

    A recent trip to Big Sur rekindled my desire to go spearfishing.  The ocean is warm and given my slightly elevated cholesterol, some extra Omega-3 fatty acids seem like a good idea. After some research, we decided to investigate the reefs outside the La Jolla Children’s Pool.  Apparently, this is a good beginner’s spot and […]

  • El Cajon Mountain

    El Cajon Mountain

    I took Steve and Nadia out for their first multi-pitch a couple of weeks ago.  We climbed Meteor (5.8+) which starts at the base of the popular Leonids and finishes on a fantastic belay ledge atop the Triton Tower.  The topo calls it a “well-bolted, 400 foot sport route” but it was closer to 350 […]

  • Mammoth/Owens River Gorge

    Mammoth/Owens River Gorge

    Just returned from a nice 3-day trip to Mammoth.  Eileen arranged the lodging, and we stayed at Seasons 4, the same condos where Jasmine and I stayed in 2002, during our engagement trip.  Hard to believe that was so long ago. The weather was surprisingly warm, and it was nice to spend the day boarding […]

  • Joshua Tree & Mt. Woodson

    Joshua Tree & Mt. Woodson

    You might be wondering why I chose a picture of myself surfing as the featured image for this post.  Well, I just noticed that the Wilderness Innovations homepage is becoming too climbing-centric and I felt the need to restore some balance to the WI universe.  Plus, I think this is a cool shot (it’s a […]