Alaska II


We should have taken the near collision with a grizzly bear to be a sign. After such a successful trip in 2004, this year was not to be. We flew standby, which saved a lot of money but made for some long waits at the airport. It rained the entire trip, which explains the lack of pictures. The salmon run was thin, and we only caught 6 reds between the four of us. Yikes! Flipping for salmon is not the most exciting type of fishing, and doing it for hours on end without a “bite” ranks as one of the most frustrating activities in the world.

But who can complain about a weeklong fishing trip to Alaska? Not I, my friend. After all, we nearly collided with a grizzly bear! We spent a night in the Anchorage airport, which made for some fun games of trivial pursuit. The relentless rain gave us a chance to visit all the thrift stores on the Kenai Peninsula. Cy murdered a baby salmon. And last, but certainly not least, we witnessed the most awesome MMA fight since UFC 6: Tank Abbott vs. John Matua.





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