A fine mix of tropical adventure on this trip.  We stayed in the upscale town of Wailea (courtesy of Jasmine’s parents), but made day trips all over the island.  We drove the bumpy south road to Hana in our minivan rental.  Surfed Lahaina Breakwall (nearly flat) and drove up to Haleakala for the sunrise.  On our second to last day, the earthquake in Japan sent a tsunami towards the Hawaiian coastline, and we debated whether it would be wise to evacuate.  Someone broke into our rental and stole my new iPhone 4, which made for a sad ending to this trip.  The thief didn’t realize my camera gear was behind the seat.  Whew..  If you’re interested in reading more about the tsunami, check out The Dusty Lens.  The most memorable thing about this trip?  We finally told our parents that Jasmine is pregnant!





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