Kelso Dunes


Scott and I headed out to the Kelso Sand Dunes in the Mohave Desert for some photography. My uncle brought me here when I was a kid and I have fond memories of the place. I visited again during college, and this would be my third trip. The dune field turned out to be much smaller than I remembered, but I guess that should come as no surprise. It took us a couple of hours to hike from the trailhead to the highest dune, and from there we found a secluded campsite to spend the night. We didn’t realize until later that camping isn’t allowed (oops).

Footprints and wet sand conspired against our attempts at fine dune photography, but we both came away with some nice shots, I think. I brought my 100-400 mm and I decided to concentrate on some longer shots, whereas Scott went racing off in search of a trackless crest to shoot with his wider lens.





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