The last time I visited the island of Kauai, I was 16 years old and those who had heard of the internet accessed it through Prodigy.  In other words, a very long time ago.  Jasmine’s parents generously offered to put us up in a fancy Poipu condo, and we spent a week in tropical bliss.  Plenty of delicious poke from Fish Express.  Jasmine and I did an 18-mile ocean kayak along the Na Pali Coast, which included a side trip into a deep lava tube.  Word of advice: if you’re going to spend 8+ hours on a kayak in the blazing tropical sun, apply some sunscreen to your legs.  I paid the price there.  Jasmine was literally on the brink of tears by the end of our paddle, her arms were cramping such.  One of the other days, we trekked out to Kipu Falls and did some cliff jumps, which was great fun.





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