New York City


Not much wilderness on this trip, but to a couple of beachgoing San Diegans, Manhattan might as well be a foriegn country.

We spent a few days at Jasmine’s cousin’s place in Chelsea (thanks Will) and then moved on to Times Square. Tom graciously acquired some tickets to the Chargers-Giants game, but he proceeded to ruin my life by suggesting that we make an early exit, and we missed Rivers’ historic game-winning drive. Damn you. Actually, that was my fault. Thanks for the tickets, buddy.

Jasmine and I watched a taping of the Daily Show, which was fun. The Museum of Natural History was really impressive, and we watched Wicked on Broadway. Best of all was the food. We ate at Porchetta (roast pork sandwiches), Mario Batali’s Lupa, Peter Luger Steakhouse, and a variety of other delicious restaurants and hole-in-the-walls. I ate several slices of pizza, of course.




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