San Jacinto Wilderness


On a whim, we decided to do a quick one-nighter in the San Jacinto State Wilderness, which is a short drive from San Diego. I figured this would be a good warm-up trip for the JMT, which we plan to do this summer.

Steve and Lakshan quenched their thirst at a small creek along the trail, and it’s still too early to determine if their decision to go filterless was ill-advised. Get it?

The trail out of Humber Park was hot and dusty, but once we reached 9,000 feet it got to be quite comfortable. We hiked across some occasional patches of snow, and spent a tentless night under the stars at Round Valley. I got a chance to try some high ISO imaging techniques, the results of which you can see below.

The next morning, we summited San Jacinto and had the peak to ourselves. Then we quickly made our way back down to Idyllwild, where some delicious breakfast burritos awaited us.




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