Poipu, Kauai


As crazy as it sounds, this would be our third trip to Poipu in a span of 24 months.  Ever since I received my kama’aina discount at Brenneck’s, I’ve been in love with the town.  We arrived on the 4th of July, and I expected to see some cool fireworks like the ones I watched in Waikiki in 2006.  Poipu isn’t Waikiki, I’m afraid.  This is good and bad.

The fireworks show along Poipu Beach.  Less than stellar.

Kauai is home to Sanoe Lake, who I saw playing with her kid(s) in the little children’s area behind the breakwater.  Zane and Levi had a blast.

Levi on his bodyboard

Zane having fun in the sun

I didn’t get much time to surf, but there was some swell and I made it out to the reef break outside the Marriot one afternoon.  The wind was kicking up and my rental rode like a lead-filled behemoth, but it was still fun.

Hiking along the southern coast with my family

We went on a few morning hikes, same as our last trip.  I wanted to visit Kipu Falls but rumor has it that the area is closed due to a few accidental drownings in the pool.  I think that’s a shame, but I suppose it’s the reality of living in such a litigious and overly sanitized society as modern America.  I’m just glad we got the chance when we did.

Jasmine jumping from Kipu Falls in 2010

Morning hike

We’ve been taking Zane on our kayak on Miramar Lake, and my sister brought Levi down for a practice run a few weeks before our trip to Hawaii.  With the kids ready and willing, we rented three kayaks and went for a paddle up the Wailua River.  This is usually an all-day affair, but we turned around early since the kids were getting a little antsy.

Wailua River

My Dad

Our condo had a nice little pool, and Zane was dying to try on his new Quicksilver wetsuit.  I’m sure he’ll outgrow it in another month, but I couldn’t resist.  Way too cute.

Zane and Jasmine go for a swim

A little deeper with dad

We also snorkeled one of the reefs near Tunnels on the north shore.  That was just ok.  The snorkeling in Poipu was actually a lot better, and we saw a Hawaiian monk seal, a bunch of turtles, and lots of different fish.  On our final day, we visited a botanical garden to take some family photos, which I will share below.

Hawaiian monk seal (endangered)

Janna & Mads with Levi & Baby Bump and Farmor (grandma – Danish)

Levi and Zane

Jasmine and Zane






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