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  • John Muir Trail III

    John Muir Trail III

    It’s been nearly a year since we returned from this trip. I guess it must have slipped through the cracks and I never got around to writing a trip report.  These things happen.  Last August, we met Steve & Nadia on the final day of their JMT thru-hike (Nadia’s first, Steve’s third).  Just in time, […]

  • Mt. Russell, East Ridge

    Mt. Russell, East Ridge

    After our failed attempts at the summits of Mt. Agassiz and Bear Creek Spire, Ryan and I logically decided to aim even higher; a tougher climb that would take us above 14,000 feet and to the summit of Mt. Russell.  Regarded as one of the finest 3rd class climbs in the Sierra, I’ve had my […]

  • San Jacinto Wilderness

    San Jacinto Wilderness

    My very first backpacking trip was to the San Jacinto Wilderness in the late 80’s.  My uncle took me up the Devil’s Slide and we camped near Skunk Cabbage Meadow, if I recall.  Larry and Spike came along, of course. I’ve been back many times since.  I took Jasmine there in the summer of ’98.  […]

  • Bear Creek Spire

    Bear Creek Spire

    Bear Creek Spire (13,713 feet) is one of the classic climbs in the High Sierra, and it recently occurred to Ryan and I that we might be able to climb the mountain without a guide.  This impressive granite peak awaits the eager climber at the terminus of the picturesque Little Lakes Valley, a hike I did […]

  • PCT: Mt. Laguna to Lake Morena

    PCT: Mt. Laguna to Lake Morena

    The Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) extends from Mexico to Canada.  Having already completed the John Muir Trail and Wonderland Trail, the Wilderness Innovations Crew decided, on a whim, to attempt the entire length of the PCT in one season. We abandoned the idea approximately 3 minutes after it’s inception.  Jobs, kids, pets, and most […]

  • Dusy Basin

    Dusy Basin

    I planned to do a backpack trip to the Dusy Basin last August, but the impending birth of my son forced me to abandon those plans.  Scott was able to make it out and he came home with some nice photos.  These would serve to whet my appetite for some images of my own. It […]

  • Rush Creek Trail

    Rush Creek Trail

    Last week, Scott and I decided to make an impromptu backpack trip to the Mammoth High Country.  The record snowfall last winter presented some logistical challenges, however.  Originally, we planned to drive to Mammoth and then take the Reds Meadow Shuttle to Agnew Meadow, where we would pick up the easy trail to Thousand Island […]

  • Return to Redwood Mountain

    Return to Redwood Mountain

    If you read my last post, you know that I recently left a bunch of gear in the Sierra backcountry.  My Sequoia adventure ended a bit different than planned, but I made it home safe and came away with some nice images.  All things considered, it was a fantastic experience.  It was simply breathtaking to […]

  • Redwood Mountain

    Redwood Mountain

    A winter excursion into the Sierra Nevada has been high on my photographic to-do list for a number of years.  Specifically, the western edge of Sequoia National Park, which is home to the world’s last remaining groves of giant sequoia.  Hiking into the wilderness in the dead of winter isn’t to be taken lightly, especially […]