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  • Nicaragua


    Gosh, it’s been a while.  The last time the we got together for some tropical surf was Bali, Indonesia.  That was 2008.  With the impending arrival of my first kid, I’ve been feeling antsy and I wanted to get some surf before shifting into baby mode.  That should only last a few months, though, as […]

  • Thailand & Cambodia

    Thailand & Cambodia

    What to say?  Nora and Cy spent a good portion of the summer in Bangkok, and we decided to join them for the final two weeks of their extended vacation.  Lopez, Heather, Jasmine, and myself spent 30+ hours traveling to Chiang Mai (N. Thailand) and the rest, sadly, is a blur.  The day after we […]

  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    Autumn is the best time of year to visit the Caribbean, especially if you enjoy 140 mph winds and airborn palm trees. Fortunately, we missed this year’s hurricanes and we experienced pleasant weather all week. We stayed in San Juan, but made day trips about the island in search of adventure and good food. We […]

  • Ecuador


    Ecuador really is a beautiful country! We spent the first half of the trip at a jungle lodge outside of Tena, the “cinnamon capital” of Ecuador. The Hakuna Matata Lodge served as the jumping off point for several adventures, including a day of rafting down the Rio Napo (a major tributary of the Amazon). The […]

  • Huanchaco, Peru

    Huanchaco, Peru

    Our first surf trip to Peru, the land of lefts. We stayed in Huanchaco, just outside of Trujillo on the north coast. This area is a lot like Baja California: dusty and dry, and chilly water. We surfed some fun waves in Huanchaco, and also spent a day catching the longest rides of our lives […]

  • Denmark


    In an effort to learn more about our curious friend (and brother-in-law) Mads, we traveled to his home country of Denmark. A land where few have too much, and even fewer have too little. A place of wind and windmills, pickled herring and pastries, and Viking graves. Our arrival in Copenhagen conveniently coincided with some […]

  • Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesia

    Our first trip to the enchanted islands of Indonesia… We traveled to Bali in search of fine surf, authentic cuisine, and friendly locals. Our new buddy Edwin joined the Wilderness Innovations crew and offered a welcome change to our somewhat predictable surf trip dynamic. We surfed Airport Lefts, Kuta Reef, Kuta Beach, and Bingin on […]

  • Peru


    Our first trip to South America – what an adventure. We started off in Lima, then to Puerto Maldonado, where we traveled up the Madre de Dios River near the border with Bolivia and Brazil. After spending a couple of days in the Amazon River Basin, we flew to Cusco and hiked the Inca Trail […]

  • Playa Grande II, Costa Rica

    Playa Grande II, Costa Rica

    With Liberia’s new airport open for service, it’s a quick and easy trip to Playa Grande. As long as you book your tickets for the right dates, which some of us seem to have a problem doing. We spent a couple of days in Monteverde (cloud forest) and then Tom met us for the remainer […]