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  • Bend, Oregon

    Bend, Oregon

    I’m starting to feel right at home in Bend.  This must have been my fourth visit to Joey’s new hometown, and I appreciate it a little bit more every time I make it out.  I’m not used to real seasons or cold weather, and it’s always a shock as I exit the plane and get […]

  • Cornerlands – Joshua Tree

    Cornerlands – Joshua Tree

    We had just returned from our stay in Poipu Beach, a bit jet-lagged and the kids’ sleep schedules very much out of whack, when Ben asked if we’d be interested in joining them for a night or two at Cornerlands, a beautiful house near Joshua Tree.  At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, […]

  • Poipu Beach, Kauai

    Poipu Beach, Kauai

    Poipu Beach in Koloa, Kauai has become our go-to vacation spot in recent years.  It’s relatively uncrowded and laid back, with a wonderful kid’s beach, nice amenities (without being too touristy) and beautiful hiking trails.  The Costco and airport are about 30 minutes away, and there’s even a nice little reef break, with a mix of friendly locals […]

  • Joshua Tree and a Season in Review

    Joshua Tree and a Season in Review

    After three amazing weekends in a row in Joshua Tree, I was feeling a little bummed.  I met Joey at the gym, like usual, and we climbed some random routes without much motivation or enthusiasm.  We weren’t really training, the outdoor fun had come to an end, and I felt like shedding a tear with […]

  • A Tribute

    A Tribute

    The music is my time machine.  I am 17 and I feel alive.  And then my world seems to be slipping, crumbling away and all I know for sure is that it hurts and the black is consuming me. I am angry and sad and ready for a fresh start.  It’s the summer of ‘93 […]

  • La Jolla Spearfishing

    La Jolla Spearfishing

    A recent trip to Big Sur rekindled my desire to go spearfishing.  The ocean is warm and given my slightly elevated cholesterol, some extra Omega-3 fatty acids seem like a good idea. After some research, we decided to investigate the reefs outside the La Jolla Children’s Pool.  Apparently, this is a good beginner’s spot and […]

  • Mammoth/Owens River Gorge

    Mammoth/Owens River Gorge

    Just returned from a nice 3-day trip to Mammoth.  Eileen arranged the lodging, and we stayed at Seasons 4, the same condos where Jasmine and I stayed in 2002, during our engagement trip.  Hard to believe that was so long ago. The weather was surprisingly warm, and it was nice to spend the day boarding […]

  • Poipu, Kauai

    Poipu, Kauai

    As crazy as it sounds, this would be our third trip to Poipu in a span of 24 months.  Ever since I received my kama’aina discount at Brenneck’s, I’ve been in love with the town.  We arrived on the 4th of July, and I expected to see some cool fireworks like the ones I watched […]

  • Miramar Lake

    Miramar Lake

    A few pictures from Miramar Lake the other day.  We took Zane out on our ocean kayak to practice for our upcoming trip to Kauai, where we plan to paddle the Wailua River. He did really well, despite having his face smashed by the life jacket straps.  I can’t say the same for the three […]