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  • Poipu Beach, Kauai

    Poipu Beach, Kauai

    Poipu Beach in Koloa, Kauai has become our go-to vacation spot in recent years.  It’s relatively uncrowded and laid back, with a wonderful kid’s beach, nice amenities (without being too touristy) and beautiful hiking trails.  The Costco and airport are about 30 minutes away, and there’s even a nice little reef break, with a mix of friendly locals […]

  • A Tribute

    A Tribute

    The music is my time machine.  I am 17 and I feel alive.  And then my world seems to be slipping, crumbling away and all I know for sure is that it hurts and the black is consuming me. I am angry and sad and ready for a fresh start.  It’s the summer of ‘93 […]

  • La Fonda, Mexico

    La Fonda, Mexico

    We finally made it back to La Fonda.  No recent news of beheadings or rapes, and Steve gave us the go ahead.  Finally. This is Chicama, Peru.  Why am I posting this picture here?  Well, on a good day, La Fonda reminds me of Chicama.  It’s cold and dry, the water is polluted, but there […]

  • Big Sur

    Big Sur

    The last time I drove this section of Hwy 1, I was 17 and on my way to UC Santa Cruz for a summer of unsupervised antics education.  That’s where I met Tom, who would later inspire me to buy my first surfboard.  That was twenty years ago, which is hard to believe. This trip […]

  • Poipu, Kauai

    Poipu, Kauai

    As crazy as it sounds, this would be our third trip to Poipu in a span of 24 months.  Ever since I received my kama’aina discount at Brenneck’s, I’ve been in love with the town.  We arrived on the 4th of July, and I expected to see some cool fireworks like the ones I watched […]

  • Pt. Mugu State Park

    Pt. Mugu State Park

    “When Uncas follows in my footsteps, there will no longer be any of the blood of the sagamores, for my boy is the last of the Mohicans.” After some debate, Lakshan decided to celebrate the end of his bachelorhood with a surf trip to Pt. Mugu, just north of Malibu.  This is a story told […]

  • Kauai


    Our third trip to the Hawaiian Islands in a year.  Kauai-Maui-Kauai.  Tough life, I know..  More importantly, this would be our last trip together as a childless couple.  I’m excited for the arrival of our little one, but it was nice to make one more carefree trip before such a major life change.  I’m not […]

  • Nicaragua


    Gosh, it’s been a while.  The last time the we got together for some tropical surf was Bali, Indonesia.  That was 2008.  With the impending arrival of my first kid, I’ve been feeling antsy and I wanted to get some surf before shifting into baby mode.  That should only last a few months, though, as […]

  • A Somber Sunrise

    A Somber Sunrise

    My wife and I spent last week on the beautiful island of Maui.  The Hawaiian Islands are one of our favorite places to relax and unwind, and there’s something about the lifestyle here that makes me feel at home.  This trip started off great.  We got a direct flight to Kahului and a few hours […]