Michael Lopez

Affectionately called “Lopez” by his friends, Mike teaches high school biology and coaches the Grossmont surf team for some inexplicable reason.  To be fair, Lopez has been surfing longer than any of us, and he’s an amateur shaper with dozens of boards to his credit.  All of us here at Wilderness Innovations own and surf his finely-crafted designs, and we are looking forward to the day he rebuilds the giant plywood monstrosity known simply as “the shack.”


Ever been bitch-slapped by a mugger?  Of course

Weirdest things he’s ever eaten: Lizard

Drives: Subaru Forester

Occasionally drives: 1969 VW Bug

Cold water tolerance: Borderline superhuman

Handy with tools? Yes

Good softball coach? Not really

Comfortable rappelling from a key chain carabiner? Yes

Number of times he’s been to the ER due to a surfing accident: Twice

Number of concussions due to a skateboarding accident: One

Proud of: Baby Mia

Not proud of: Killing a baby bunny with a rock

Weddings officiated:  Three

Lopez on Mt. Rainier, 2003




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