In August of 2011, shortly after losing Mako, we contacted Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego.  Jasmine had always dreamed of getting a GSD, and we decided to foster an older dog to help fill the void in our hearts.  I picked up “Porter” from the San Marcos Kennels on a hot August afternoon, expecting to keep him for a couple of weeks.  He was good-natured and a bit aloof, and thus began our foray into the world of canine foster care.  We eventually learned that Porter’s real name was Phil, but we had already renamed him Newbie by then.

We officially adopted Newb on Christmas Day, 2011.  It’s been almost a year, and he has definitely settled in to our household.  We’ll never know his backstory, but this experience has definitely helped us move forward from our loss, and we have come to care for mellow old Newb quite a bit.

Newbie dislikes the water, loves to eat socks, and has become a loyal companion.




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