Miramar Lake


A few pictures from Miramar Lake the other day.  We took Zane out on our ocean kayak to practice for our upcoming trip to Kauai, where we plan to paddle the Wailua River.

Jasmine and Zane

He did really well, despite having his face smashed by the life jacket straps.  I can’t say the same for the three geese in the picture above, which were plucked from the water and taken to a foie gras factory.

Miramar Lake

Apparently, quagga mussels have been found in Miramar Lake.  The signage at the boat ramp would lead one to believe that quagga mussels are about as environmentally friendly as chlorofluorocarbons, plastic grocery bags, and Ted Nugent.  I just learned that they arrived from the Ukraine in 1989, quickly making their way through eastern waterways and eventually to San Diego.  Little bastards.  I wonder what they taste like.

Family portrait

We did not see any quagga mussels on our 40-minute paddle around the lake.  I did see a bunch of ducks, a few geese, and a couple of slackers who appeared to be smoking tree while fishing for trout.

Me and my bug

Quagga mussels are typically about the size of a fingernail, so I became curious why these little jerks can be so destructive?  According to the California Department of Fish and Game, they have caused an estimated $5 billion worth of damage to the Great Lakes region in a span of just 6 years.  Really?  I mean, really?

Afternoon light

Yes, really!  Apparently, they threaten water delivery and hydroelectric systems by clogging the pipes.  Now that is something I am familiar with!  As a reef aquarist, I have on more than one occasion blasphemed at the presence of small molluscs inside my aquarium plumbing.  I can only imagine what havoc these things must wreak on our nation’s infrastructure.  I’m going to eat some steamed mussels tonight, to show my support for the cause.





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