Jasmine Kim

You would be mistaken if you guessed that Jasmine graces these pages because she married one of our founders; she earned her membership the hard way.  She has logged some long trail days, she’s been on multi-day backpack trips to the High Sierra, surfed in Costa Rica, and climbed in Joshua Tree.  She swam through subterranean caves in Belize and has climbed pagodas in Burma.  She is an adventurous girl.

Jasmine recently finished her fellowship training in urogynecology at UCSD, and now practices full time.  Without a doubt, her eleven years of post-graduate medical training was far tougher than anything the rest of us have managed to accomplish.  Despite her busy schedule and serious commitments, she always manages to stay cheerful and supportive of her husband’s antics.  She is a gem.

Jasmine enjoys anything that is green and fuzzy, and she is a fan of robots and dinosaurs.  She is a bit of a foodie, and also an accomplished (and published) artist.  She is a surgeon by day and at home, she cares for her pet boa constrictor Anarchy (Archy), who is 14 years old and 5 five feet long, last time we checked.





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