Associate Members

Let me explain how this works:  once a person meets our rigorous membership criteria, they become known as an Associate Member.  My lovely wife Jasmine was the first, and I believe Tom was second.  And so forth on down the list.

Associate members, as cool and interesting a group as they are, will never be Founding Members (for obvious reasons).  There is one (and only one) way to graduate beyond Associate status and attain the title of Member at Large.  You must backpack the 93 mile-long Wonderland Trail in 5 days, completing the final 31 mile section between Sunrise Camp and Longmire on your final day.  Good luck.

Jasmine Kim (formerly Jasmine Tan)

Tom Kawano

Lakshan Arsecularatne

Heather Lopez (formerly Heather Spross)

Scott Lawson

Cy Haripotepornkul




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